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  • Gadget gas station
    The eNook docking station folds up to be just seven inches deep and could also be a desk.Post written by Erin Doland
  • Routines: Are you for or against?
    Do you like having a routine? Personally, I have a love-hate relationship with them. I see the usefulness in them, and when I follow a routine Im more
  • Storing coffee
    Is your coffee equipment taking over your kitchen?Post written by Erin Doland
  • Tech tools for keeping New Years resolutions
    As January yields to February, many people find themselves sliding on their commitment to New Years resolutions. Five years ago, I wrote an article on technology to help
  • How to organize your books
    If you have a substantial number of physical books you intend to keep, how do you organize them on your bookshelves? Theres no one best approach, but the
  • Home office in a box
    If you are strapped for space and you need a workspace for you house or apartment, you may want to check out the CI Desk from Creative Industrial
  • Ask Unclutterer: Dealing with a prolific gift-giver
    A reader who goes by the name of Overwhelmed wrote in with this dilemma. I am newly married and my mother-in-law and I have a strained relationship. She



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