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  • zen habits
    By Leo Babauta A lot of us have tried various diets over the years, with little success. I remember trying about half a dozen different diets when I
  • A Gradual Approach to Healthy Eating
    By Leo Babauta Many of us are familiar with the idea of loving our spouses, children, or parents unconditionally and we might even try to practice that
  • Unconditional Acceptance of Yourself
    By Leo Babauta Its funny, because many readers seem to think Im a super productive, ultra focused, uber disciplined guy. Im not. I get lazy, I sneak snacks
  • My Typical Day: How I Get People to Think Im Productive
    By Leo Babauta Ill admit I do it as much as anyone else: see the cool things that others are doing and wish I were doing something cool
  • The Contentment Habit
    By Leo Babauta I have to admit, reading online has dropped my book reading in the last couple of years. Its hard to resist the pull of clickbait
  • The Delightfully Short Guide to Reading More Books
    By Leo Babauta We live in a world of abundance, often to the point of excess: we can buy anything anytime, consume as much of the Internet as
  • In Praise of Limits
    By Leo Babauta My dad was born into poverty in the tiny seaside village of Agat, Guam, in 1952. His mom died when he was a child, and

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