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  • Why Kim Jong Un went missing
    North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, who recently disappeared from public view for about six weeks, had a cyst removed from his right ankle, a lawmaker told CNN.
  • Woman's beheading, son's death linked
    A woman was found beheaded in an apartment in New York on Tuesday night, and shortly afterward her son died in an apparent suicide when he stopped in front of
  • The grey market for iPhones
    It's Wednesday afternoon and it's packed in one of Hong Kong's three huge Apple Stores.
  • How Kutcher picked odd baby name
    Ashton Kutcher talks about fatherhood and the clever way he came up with his daughter's name.
  • Strange activity on WH computers
    The White House recently detected suspicious activity on its computer network, a White House official tells CNN.
  • A white president in Africa
    When Guy Scott takes the reins as Zambia's interim President, he'll become the first white African head of state in sub-Saharan Africa since apartheid.
  • Suspect in 6 rapes caught
    A Massachusetts child rape suspect who was wanted in connection with a cross country spree of sexual assaults, kidnappings and armed robberies has been arrested.

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  • Its Not Too Late to Change Bad Habits
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  • My Most Effective Learning Tools
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