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  • Five tips for storing your treasured books
    Even with the popularity of e-books, many of us still have collections of treasured physical books. But do we treat those books like the valued possessions we say
  • Unitasker Wednesday: Snack Spout
    The Snack Spout wants to make eating junk food even easier ... because apparently it was too hard to eat junk food before now!Post written by Erin DolandstrongLet
  • Sugru lets you fix, improve and avoid clutter
    2013 Organize to Eliminate the UFOs How to deal with unidentified found objects, especially when theyre things you might end up needing later. 2012 Review: Martha Stewart Home
  • Organizing tips from outer space
    Sugru is a "self-setting rubber" that allows you to repair items that might otherwise become clutter.Post written by David CaolostrongLet Unclutterer help you get your home or office
  • The power of checklists
    Although being organized may not give you the opportunity to go to the International Space Station, it can certainly help you enjoy your space right here on Earth.Post
  • Unitasker Wednesday: DestapaBanana
    2013 Unitasker Wednesday: Treat Launcher Dropping pet treats on the floor is EXHAUSTING! Thankfully, the Unique Petz Treat Launcher #8220;saves#8221; you the hassle. Give your smart phone and
  • Part 2: An uncluttered back-to-school transition
    Checklists can be useful tools for all of us, in many situations.Post written by Jeri DanskystrongLet Unclutterer help you get your home or office organized. ;Subscribe to our

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  • An Education in the Majestic Sierra Nevada
    By Leo Babauta We set out for the Sierra Nevada as a family, all eight of us, excited but unsure of what to expect from our first family
  • The Lies Your Mind Tells You to Prevent Life Changes
    By Leo Babauta The mind is a wonderful thing. Its also a complete liar that constantly tries to convince us not to take actions we know are good
  • How to Believe in Yourself
    By Leo Babauta There was a long time when the lack of belief in myself was a major factor in my life. I didnt pursue an ideal career,
  • Dont Waste a Moment
    By Leo Babauta Lately Ive been struck with the idea of how limited our lives are, and how little time we have to make something of them. Imagine
  • How to Find Your Life Purpose: An Unconventional Approach
    By Leo Babauta Lets say youre feeling unmotivated, unsure of yourself, aimless, cant find your passion, directionless, not clear on what your purpose in life is. Youre in
  • How to Be Great
    By Leo Babauta Start by admitting that greatness doesnt come from the distraction and busywork that often fills up our lives. It comes from making a difference in
  • Making Yourself Work
    By Leo Babauta One of the biggest problems you need to solve if you work for yourself is how to make yourself do work. The best entrepreneurs have

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