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  • zen habits
    By Leo Babauta When you learn a new skill, feedback is important: if you fall off a bike, you need to make an adjustment so you dont keep
  • The Four Hidden Habit Skills
    The greatest remedy for anger is delay. ~Thomas Paine By Leo Babauta I once had a boss who had a favorite strategy for dealing with donations-seekers, demanding colleagues, and
  • The Power of Delay
    By Leo Babauta If you find yourself rushing from task to task, worried that you dont have time to do everything If you are feeling a high amount
  • Overwhelmed Rushed? Do a Stress Assess
    By Leo Babauta The traditional way of writing a book is like the old Microsoft model of developing software: you write it in isolation for a year or
  • Writer as Coder: The Iterative Way to Write a Book
    By Leo Babauta Im so excited: today I launch my new book, Zen Habits: Mastering the Art of Change. And I need your help. The book is written
  • Please Support the Zen Habits Book
    By Leo Babauta In our lives, the people around us lift us up, or they drag us down. I see this in my life: my life contains many
  • Are You a Lift or Drag Force?
    By Leo Babauta As a writer, one of the most frightening sights I face is the blank page. It fills me with doubt, uncertainty, dread, sometimes a bit

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