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  • zen habits
    By Leo Babauta Lets say youve been wanting to quit smoking for awhile, or youve really been wanting to start exercising. All of a sudden, you read something
  • Feeling Determined to Change
    By Leo Babauta We go through our day judging our experiences, other people, ourselves: this is good, this is bad. If all goes well, most of it will
  • Practicing Non-Judgment
    By Leo Babauta Lots of us want to change our habits get healthier, procrastinate less, write a book, save some money, get fit, read more, get good
  • Hold Your Own Feet to the Fire
    By Leo Babauta For most of us, our biggest sin is taking things for granted. Im as guilty as anyone else: I wake up and rush into online
  • Dont Waste Your Opportunity
    By Leo Babauta We all do it: our best intentions are to go to the gym, get started on writing something, do practice learning a language but then
  • How to Beat Procrastination with Daily Training
    By Leo Babauta Today, I only have questions. Were striving for happiness and contentment, but when will we be there? I think we often see a time in
  • The Time When Well Be Present Content
    By Leo Babauta When were frustrated with others, or feeling bad about ourselves we often turn toward habits that comfort us: distractions food shopping smoking drugs/alcohol These dont

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