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  • Jony Ives iConcern
    Author - Study Hacks
  • Are You Using Social Media or Being Used By It?
    Ives iConcern At last weeks New Yorker TechFest conference, superstar Apple designer Jony Ive took the stage. At some point during the presentation, Ive was offered a softball
  • Spend More Time Alone
    A Social Experiment If you, like many people, use social media and generally agree that its an important technology, try the following experiment. Take out a piece of
  • Approach Technology Like the Amish
    A Lonely Binge I recently read three books on the topic of solitude. Two were actually titled Solitude, while the third, and most recently published, was titled Lead Yourself First
  • Franklin Foer on Technologys Surprising Threat to Humanity
    Kevin Kelly and the Amish Eight years after dropping out of college to wander Asia, Kevin Kelly returned home to America, bought an inexpensive bike, and made a
  • Apples New Open Office Sparks Revolt
    Contemplating the Importance of Contemplation Franklin Foer has a new book coming out this week. Its titled, World Without Mind: The Existential Threat of Big Tech. I havent
  • Toward a Deeper Vocabulary
    Not Open to Openness Apples new Cupertino headquarters cost $5 billion (see above). One of its prominent features is a massive open office space in which many Apple

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