The backstory

Let’s talk about a company, born in 1997, with the aim of changing how people search, consume information and make decisions.

The obvious answer is Google. But we could also be talking about MetaNews. That’s right — one of the world’s earliest news aggregators was also born in 1997. MetaNews was initially focused on the Asian market, with readership across South Asia, South East Asia and the Middle East.

Back when social media amplification was at least a decade away, MetaNews had a carefully-built mailing list of 15 million —an astonishing number for back when reach had to be assembled painstakingly.

And since 1997, MetaNews has continued with its mission of providing pan-Asia coverage, particularly for the financial world. 

MetaNews Today

MetaNews has expanded and evolved to meet the changing needs of its audiences. We’ve expanded our remit to financial news and market-moving current affairs from all over the world. As cryptocurrencies have become essential elements of trading portfolios, we’ve added dedicated coverage and commentary for those asset classes as well.

Today, MetaNews is a top-tier resource for news, views and reviews —not just for current affairs that impact trading portfolios, but also for one of the world’s best directories and review archives on the powerful trading tools and platforms that can take your trades to the next level.

As trader needs have changed, — we have created one of the world’s best broker directories and review archives, which have become an industry resource for serious traders and enthusiasts alike.

In 2020, as Hong Kong saw unrest break out, we moved our servers away from the territory to maintain our impartial, transparent and interference-free take on financial news.

The MetaNews Online Broker Directory

Not all online brokers are created equal. Their terms, facilities, provenance and reputation all differ. To make it easy for traders to find brokers and online traders they could trust, we’ve created a one of the world’s most comprehensive directories of brokerage reviews.

Our directory of brokers is thorough, vetted and kept up to date. It’s bolstered by impartial reviews that show our audiences what they can expect in terms of service, features, add-ons and favourable terms. In fact,  MetaNews is considered one of the top review sites for traders to find impartial reviews and broker ratings.

Our reputation has grown to the point that brokers themselves offer their services for us to review. They value our impartial reviews, knowing that users come to us first for feedback and coverage they can trust.

Our credibility

Credibility matters immensely in the financial news business. That’s why we’re extremely proud of our 20 years of uninterrupted coverage. Today, we’re proudly up to date with all the current affairs and business news that moves markets, all over the world. Our news comes from respected voices and experts in the fields. Our reviews are impartial, and conducted by traders and technology experts who know what to look for. Our independence is a prized quality, and is fiercely guarded. And we keep ourselves in the know and in the loop by listening to our audiences —who are themselves traders and financial experts— to ensure our coverage meets their needs.

Get in Touch

At MetaNews, our inbox is always open.  We appreciate the feedback and comments we get from our readership, knowing that most of you are involved in the financial and trading world— either professionally or for yourselves. Thanks for being part of the MetaNews community, and let us know what else you’d like to see on the site.