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Adidas is Joining the Metaverse Party Along with Three Others


Adidas is Joining the Metaverse Party Along with Three Others. We reported earlier this month that Nike has entered the Metaverse fray. Well now Adidas is seeking to be the next clothier juggernaut to scream into the market of Meta. Like Nike, Adidas is releasing virtual clothing and style options for avatars on Meta.

This is a bold move, and they are also partnering with Bored Ape Yacht Club, a digital designer, to bolster the idea. Little is known about the collaboration, but they have released some new photos as of yesterday.

It’s very…edgy. Maybe I’m just old, but it does strike of the whole cyber punk style. Which fits, I guess. Anyway you can view the pictures online on either companies Twitter accounts. The items they will be offering are due to come out in stages. This is like Nike’s approach as well, and the marketing is similar also.

We haven’t seen this kind of marketing for this kind of platform before. All we know is that people are certainly interested. They are interested in a way that speaks to investors, too. Many new investors are starting to think that there’s something to this whole Meta thing.

And there may very well be, because it’s certainly not slowing down at all. During the craze phase we expect to see meteoric rise, but who knows if there’s staying power behind it all. MetaNews is dedicated to making sure you are informed of the latest and best news on these subjects.


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