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Asian Shares Could Be Better As They Await The Feds


In anticipation of the upcoming U.S. Federal Reserve policies meeting, the markets across Asia saw modest losses in several sectors.

For example, the Nikkei took a hit of around .31% because of widespread investor speculations. Meanwhile, Metanews reporters found that trade data indicated a pretty dismal May. But, interestingly, annual exports were up almost 50%.

South Korea’s KOSPI Index increased 0.60% while the ASX Index manifested a 0.24% increase, despite having been completely shut down on Monday. I turns out that the Aussies have a bone to pick with the Chinese over a wine tariff dispute (which has lead to a kind of legal arms-race in Australia), resulting in a lot of whispers concerning trade in general.

The Australian Trade Minister remarked that they should be making a decision very soon regarding the tariff and other international trade strategies.

Both the Hang Seng and the Shanghai Composite clocked losses of .31% and 0.49%, respectively. All across the board we found similar losses, though the decline was never more than just over half a percent.

Despite many U.S. states lifting many, or easing at any rate, many bans on gathers and trade within and without the areas in question, this has not completely dispelled the threat and fear of a resurgence in COVID cases.

Around 230 million Americans are fully vaccinated, and this, while positive, is still making many investors and legislators a little nervous, which is undoubtedly affecting the conversation about inflation and upcoming stimulus impacts regarding world currencies.

Julie Biel said that she perceives a high degree of positive mobility in the markets due to the increasing integrity of many sectors as well as a general lifting of the “haze” that had fallen upon trade. This circles neatly back around to the Asian markets and the hope that, after the Fed’s talk today, the fall will be arrested. In anticipation of the upcoming U.S. Federal Reserve policies meeting, we’ve seen a dip, but hopefully that will subside.


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