Cadalabs presents Cardano’s first Metaverse marketplace

Since its introduction on the Cardano network, the Cadalabs protocol has been making waves in the cryptography community. The company gathered a team of specialized developers who are constantly contributing to the ecosystem’s growth.

metaverse catalabs

For increased scalability, long-term expansion, support for linking decentralized applications, services, and enabling other independent blockchains to interact, exchange information, and transactions at cheaper costs, Cadalabs’ Metaverse system will leverage the modular Substrate framework.

Other parts of online operations, such as commerce, virtual land purchases, video games, and social media, will be integrated into the company’s Metaverse.

Cadalabs is a community-driven NFT DeFi platform that uses the Cardano network to create an NFT Minting Dapp. It allows digital art collectors to mint their works as NFTs. As well as connecting them to sellers so they may be smoothly exchanged in the future.

The CADALAB team has created the $CALA Token, a utility token that allows the community to participate in governance decisions.

Users can also moderate creators, vote on proposals, gamble their tokens, and pick artworks by holding the CALA token. The CADALAB protocol aspires to expand into the non-fungible token market. Which allows digital content creators, artists, and art lovers to connect on a digital platform.

Digital lots in virtual worlds.

The first virtual lot builders on Cadalabs invest in digital lots in virtual worlds to showcase their work and create devoted communities around it.

Cadalabs has assigned 2,000 plots of land for sale, thus in addition to being able to build and develop your plot of land in virtual reality, your plot also provides you additional utilities, such as governance rights and the opportunity to market your plot, thanks to a revolutionary metaverse. In addition, landowners will receive a part of the Cadalabs Marketplace’s total revenue. This is part of Cadalabs’ “play to earn” concept, which allows landowners to participate in the ecosystem in a more active way.

Cadalabs has set aside 2,000 virtual land parcels for first-time customers to purchase for 300 ADA apiece.

Owners of Cadalabs Virtual Land will be able to claim, mint, and receive their NFTs in their wallets. Cadalabs Virtual also includes a slew of extras for usage in the metaverse.

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