Athenex Shares Rise On Large Call Option Purchase
Athenex Inc. ended up being the target of some strange…
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NFTs based on STARZ show ‘American Gods’ coming soon from Curio

The NFT market continues to expand, with upcoming tokens based on a mainstream TV show. Curio, a platform which sells non fungible tokens, is helping to

Law Decoded: Loose ends and long dramas, Feb. 19–26

Longstanding sagas in crypto saw major plot development and even a conclusion or two in this week’s newsletter. Every Friday, Law Decoded delivers

SEC’s Division of Examinations issues Risk Alert on digital assets

The Risk Alert seemed to take particular aim at broker-dealers, who have been “inadequate” in their AML compliance. The Security and Exchange

Cardano is now a top-three cryptocurrency as ADA price soars 27% in 24 hours

Cardano is soaring, though Ada’s price still has a long way to go to beat its record high vs. Bitcoin. Cardano’s Ada received a fresh wave of

Galaxy Digital co-president explains two things deterring institutional crypto buying

With a number of mainstream entities buying into Bitcoin, what’s holding some back? In recent months, companies such as MicroStrategy and Tesla have

Exchange listings and NFT boom back Enjin’s (ENJ) 52% rally to a new high

The growing popularity of NFTs and recent exchange listings helped lift Enjin Coin to a new all-time high. Non-fungible tokens (NFT) are rapidly becoming a

Gemini collaborates with The Giving Block and others, adds donations option

Gemini has made digital asset giving more convenient for its users. United States crypto exchange Gemini has added a way for customers to donate crypto to

$580M open interest makes Cardano (ADA) the third largest futures market

The open interest for ADA futures rose to $580 million, flipping Litecoin to become the third-largest derivatives market. On Feb. 3, Cardano conducted a

Coinbase sent SEC filing to Satoshi in a symbolic gesture

However, the exchange also claimed the identification of the Bitcoin creator could cause the crypto market to deteriorate. United States-based

British art icon Damien Hirst to accept BTC, ETH payments for print run

The artist is accepting payments in currencies that will last longer than a shark in formaldehyde. Yet another fine art institution is jumping on the

CME Bitcoin futures numbers saw a 57% uptick in January

January proved significant in terms of Bitcoin futures trading average daily volume for the CME. Bitcoin’s price rose significantly in January. The Chicago

Price analysis 2/24: BTC, ETH, BNB, DOT, ADA, XRP, LTC, LINK, BCH, XLM

Bitcoin price is attempting to flip the $50,000 level back to support, while many altcoins are capitalizing on BTC’s consolidation by moving higher.

All of the Federal Reserve’s wire and ACH systems go down

“A Federal Reserve operational error resulted in disruption of service in several business lines,” said Jim Strader from the Richmond Fed.

Canadian bank plans to launch dollar-backed digital currency ‘in the coming months’

Stablecorp CEO Jean Desgagne said VersaBank’s digital currency was intended to provide an alternative to concerns over volatility and security in

ETH mining still highly profitable despite upcoming Eth2 upgrade

Miners weigh in on lucrative ETH mining payouts as the blockchain eyes a transition away from its proof-of-work consensus in 2021. Ethereum miners continue

Layer-2 race heats up as Loopring (LRC) price gains 430% in 2021

Loopring’s increasing DEX volume and token price show the project is emerging as one of the leading layer-two solutions working to address the high gas

North America’s first Bitcoin ETF sees explosive debut with $564M in assets

The Purpose Bitcoin exchange-traded fund has been a roaring success since its debut last week. Less than a week after its debut, the Purpose Bitcoin

Russian Orthodox Church will not accept Bitcoin in offering plate

A church spokesperson said it was also unlikely the church would release its own digital currency. With roughly 100 million members, the church

Aave and Balancer announce hybrid AMM liquidity pool & lending product

In what may become an industry standard, unused liquidity from Balancer will be deposited into Aave, significantly increasing depositor yield In the latest

Pro traders went long as Bitcoin fell to $45K, liquidating $5.9B in futures

Data shows pro traders opened new leveraged long positions even as Bitcoin price dropped to $45,000 and $5.9 billion in futures contracts were liquidated.

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