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Iceland Delivers Scathing Commentary on Mark and Metaverse


Iceland delivers scathing commentary on Mark and Metaverse. Ok, it’s not exactly scathing, but it is satirical and cheeky. These are both things that Mark Zuckerberg hasn’t responded to well in the past. The tourism advert delivered by the Icelandic tourism bureau this week takes aim at the overblown ideas of living conditions in the near future.

Serious or silly?

There was a lot to take in from the advertisement, but we have some comments on the broad strokes. Icelandic criticism is centered around Mark and Co. kinda missing the point of visiting Iceland in the first place. It’s more or less a national counterclaim against the country being some kind of Mecca for techno-living.

They just don’t want it look like Disney World, in short. And considering Disney’s new ideas and investment in Metaverse, we understand their gripe. Tourism is either the backbone of an economy, or a thorn in the side of the locals; and sometimes its both, or neither. Iceland doesn’t want you to come to their admittedly gorgeous country just to fulfill Mark Zuckerberg’s plea for futurism.

We are sure that there were quite a few laughs had at Meta’s expense while this advert was being discussed. Not only this, but the cabinet probably had a sobering perspective to add while the launch was underway. MetaNews is providing news at the afstest rate possible. We do this because it impacts how all of us stay informed, and we want you to be well-informed. Iceland delivers scathing commentary on Mark and Metaverse.


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