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Is Privacy a Concern With the Metaverse Projects?


Is privacy a concern with the Metaverse projects? Well, it depends on who you ask. Some people think that this new version of social interaction won’t be any different than the current iteration. They even go so far as to say that Metaverse is the same as last generation’s social media outlets.

Everything from how Facebook has obscured how it gathers data to how it builds algorithms is in question. Certainly we have a lot to learn here concerning Meta’s new projects and its new partners and ideas. Some are concerned that the new Augmented Reality landscape will give Meta new, unfettered access to user’s lives and preferences.

Granted, the concerns seem to be reenactments of old fears revolved around technology. For example: are they spying on me? Are they tracking my activity? These are valid questions, but not new ones.

We are all a little apprehensive about the implications of the Metaverse and its projects. Addiction has even been mentioned as a potential landmine in the digital context. With the medical community having voiced its concerns about video game addiction recently, certain professionals are concerned.

They are concerned that addiction to Ar and Vr could rear its head before anything substantial happens. MetaNews is always on the lookout for the best data and news on these subjects. Is privacy a concern with the Metaverse projects?


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