Litedex as a portal to metaverse wealth in Indonesia

The Litedex protocol is to become a conduit and facilitator for local and worldwide merchants to tap into the presence of the metaverse world. The technology introduced by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg as the way people will engage with technology in the future.

metaverse litedex

According to Andrew Suhalim, CEO of Litedex Protocol, “The existence of this metaverse world will have a significant impact on human interaction,”. “Particularly in light of the present pandemic, in which traditional meetings have been replaced by online meetings”.

Crypto-currency companies can now exploit this metaverse environment. To turn crypto assets into the dominant method for trading in the virtual world.

A functional currency.

“The essential foundation of the Bridge feature is the concept of changing conventional currency,”. “Into a functional currency in the metaverse environment.”

Jerry Sambuaga, Indonesia’s Deputy Minister of Commerce, has stated “Facebook’s metaverse concept is both a challenge and an opportunity for the community.

“We expect the Litedex protocol will serve as a connecting bridge for Indonesians to gain familiarity with metaverse technologies. Not only that, but the Litedex protocol’s projects are also very significant to the rapid development of digital asset technology,”. “Therefore they should align with the interests of expanding the domestic crypto sector.”

Thus, crypto investors will be able to access and invest in crypto assets from the start. And thanks to the presence of a decentralized financial platform like Litedex Protocol.

“To meet the high public demand for this crypto asset, Litedex Protocol will introduce a variety of decentralized financial services,”. “Including swap, liquidity pool, staking, farming, lending, borrowing, NFT marketplace, and, of course, bridge,” says the company.

Consequently, this platform established by Indonesian engineers is positioned to become the global leader in decentralized banking. As a vehicle for individuals to enter the realm of the metaverse, in line with the project and concept of the Litedex protocol, “the bridge to the wealth of the metaverse.”

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