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Merck plans to market an oral drug against Covid-19


U.S. pharmaceutical group Merck, plans to submit a new anti Covid-19 oral drug to the FDA for approval soon. According to a controlled clinical trial, the drug reduced by two the hospitalization and death risks associated with the virus.

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If approved, the oral drug would be the first product of its kind to be marketed to treat Covid-19. This represents a breakthrough in the fight against the pandemic.

Developed in partnership with Ridgeback Biotherapeutics, “Molnupiravir” is the name of the product. Merck announced Friday that it would submit a dossier to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as soon as possible.

Significantly lower hospitalization rate
The group showed promising clinical trial results: The study involved 775 people with mild to moderate Covid-19 and at least one aggravating factor. Treatment began within five days of the onset of symptoms.

Hospitalization or death rates were 7.3%, compared with 14.1% in the placebo group.

“A huge step forward in the fight against Covid-19”

Experts expressed the need to see the full clinical data. In addition, they emphasized that this kind of treatment should not replace the vaccine.

“There is no doubt that a safe, affordable, and effective antiviral would be a huge step forward in the fight against Covid,” says Oxford University professor Peter Horby.

Because Covid-19 is still circulating and most available treatments require a trip to the hospital, “antiviral treatments that can be taken at home are absolutely necessary,” said Wendy Holman, an executive at Ridgeback Biotherapeutics.

Merck has already begun large-scale production of molnupiravir and plans to manufacture enough for 10 million treatments by the end of the year.

Pfizer also announced on Monday that it has begun a large-scale clinical trial of its own anti-Covid pill. The company will be testing its ability to preventively reduce the risk of infection in those around someone who has contracted the disease.

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