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Meta teams up with YellowHead to create Israeli startup hub


YellowHead, a mobile marketing agency, and Facebook/Meta have teamed up to develop the Meta Startup Hub, which offers a variety of services to Israeli startups.

Both businesses will set up specialized teams in Israel to assist startups with digital marketing, personnel recruitment, and training. As well as “day-to-day care” at a Tel Aviv base.

YellowHead, based in New York and Israel, offers digital marketing services. Such as analytics for creative advertising material for mobile gaming firms.



Meta’s significant activities in Israel include a number of one-of-a-kind training programs aimed at assisting Israeli startups in acquiring the tools they need to increase sales. And additionally grow into new markets. Several new programs, such as the E-Commerce School and the B2C Bootcamp, have launched in the previous year. Training dozens of organizations each cycle and serving as a major stage in their growth process. The Meta Startup Hub is the next step in this progression, providing long-term support to expanding firms.

YellowHead and Meta have set up a dedicated team that will work with graduates to provide them with close guidance

YellowHead and Meta have formed a dedicated team that will work closely with alumni of the training programs to help them build and implement digital marketing strategies. The crew will receive professional training from YellowHead and Meta management. After that, they expect it to assist entrepreneurs in developing a marketing plan. And additionally putting it into action across multiple social and digital channels.

“We are thrilled that Meta has chosen us to lead this initiative alongside them,” said Lee Spungin, vice president of strategic services at YellowHead, which is managing the cooperation. As a digital marketing firm that has worked with Meta’s media platform for many years. We can assist these start-ups and businesses in achieving amazing success.”

The combined project will provide end-to-end professional support to dozens of enterprises. Continuing the process that began in the training programs and assisting entrepreneurs in achieving their growth objectives.

“We at Meta strive to promote the emerging generation of pioneering start-ups,” Meta in Israel’s Nitzan Evron said in a statement. For years, we’ve been developing and teaching hundreds of businesses, and now we’re ready to take it a step further by providing long-term support that meets all of their needs. We’re delighted about our cooperation with yellowHEAD, an innovative firm. Additionally we regard it as another proof of our dedication to the ecosystem in which we operate. We’ll work together to guarantee that start-ups have the finest assistance and resources possible on their route to major growth.”


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