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Metaverse, a powerful HR tool


Companies intend to use the metaverse for personnel administration and recruitment. Hyundai, for example, is apparently using the virtual world app Zepeto to onboard new staff. On the other hand, Samsung staged a virtual job fair in September via a platform called Gather.

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Working from home during periods of isolation due to the Covid-19 has intensified the desire for virtual worlds, according to Thomas Johann Lorenz, co-founder of Journee. The company styles itself as a metaverse company.

“You need tools that are stronger than just email and Zoom when it comes to retaining talent at your firm or maintaining a company culture in the remote-first era,” he said.

Furthermore, “the internet as we know it…has so far been about a very efficient flow of data and knowledge,”. He added that the metaverse will be able to tap into “relationships, emotions, and experiences.”

The company built a metaverse for Siemens and used it to organize a virtual conference. BMW and Adidas have also commissioned the business to create metaverse experiences.

Fully integrated.

The metaverse, according to Lorenz, will be integrated with existing hardware, such as cellphones. “Virtual reality glasses will not be required for these experiences”.

Journee is now working on a hiring initiative for a multinational pharmaceutical business that wants to promote its healthcare work in a “beautiful” way to candidates. Who also may ask staff questions via a virtual environment.

Recruits can learn about a firm’s “story,” which is crucial as more potential employees want to know what a company is all about, according to Lorenz. He also added that companies looking to hire IT talent must look beyond traditional recruiting approaches.

While Meta describes virtual worlds as novel and engaging experiences, some believe the metaverse already exists through platforms such as Discord. Which began as a way for video game players to communicate online.

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