Metaverse: Companies discussed the ecosystem at Beyond Expo 2021

At Beyond Expo 2021, representatives from Nvidia, Eyexpo, and Shanghai Jiaotong University highlighted the metaverse ecosystem. Indeed, companies are considering how to profit from its growing popularity in China and around the world.

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TechNode spoke with technology professionals at the Beyond Expo technology conference. Which was hosted at the Venetian Macau Convention and Exhibition Center in Macau. It covered the best methods to engage and benefit from the developing metaverse ecosystem.

“At this moment, we regard ourselves as the builders of the metaverse,” Shi Chengqiu, senior technical marketing manager at Nvidia China, stated. To create a healthy ecosystem, we want to focus on engaging with our partners, including virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) device makers, cloud firms, and IT organizations. Perhaps we will be able to participate in virtual reality in the future.

“China has a population of 1.4 billion people and a sizable online population. Many people have one or two connected devices. We might be able to make money if we create a metaverse’s ecology that Chinese people find useful for work, socializing, and entertainment.”

“I believe Nvidia’s positioning in the metaverse will be a three-step process. Being a creator first, then a participant, and lastly a business that profits from it.”

A race to the new ecosystem.

“The main internet firms are responding faster than others to the concept of metaverse,” said Angela Pan, CEO of Eyexpo Technology. Moreover, many mid-sized businesses will begin to take the lead next year. These businesses offer services that connect the big players with smaller businesses.

Furthermore, “for most businesses, the first straightforward step into the metaverse is to develop related content. Many live-streamed events, for example, now leverage virtual characters and virtual intellectual property (IP) to create metaverse-related material.

“Smaller businesses should focus on developing unique IP and partnering with medium-sized solution providers to help them build a small metaverse environment, rather than building it themselves, because the majority of the metaverse infrastructure will be handled by specialized technology firms.”

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