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Metaverse: Hong Kong start-up held an AR trade show


Last month, two start-ups in Hong Kong utilized the Metaverse to hold a virtual exhibition, ASGVEC. One through the organization of a virtual event for individual avatars and through the use of webcams to communicate between them, the other one by working on a method of acquiring goods in virtual events, galleries, or showrooms.

There is a separate Metaverse for each organization, and each of its digital assets can engage and interact if necessary.

One of those two companies is Asian Sky Media. ASG has partnered with GathR Virtual Studios, Inc, creator of Mytaverse, to host ASGVEC, the Asian Sky Group’s virtual exhibition and conference last month. The initiative to build a virtual exhibition came after many of its in-person events could not take place.

There is a separate Metaverse for each organization, and each of its digital assets can engage and interact if necessary.

A “metaverse” trade show.

ASGVEC’s design was to mimic the experience participants would have at a trade show and conference in person. With more than 50 exhibitors, including Dassault Aviation, Leonardo Helicopters, Textron Aviation, Embraer Executive Jets and many other recognized names in business aircraft support and services, such as NetJets, JSSI, Sino Jet Group and Metrojet, the Mytaverse platform, using Epic Games Unreal Engine 4 and PurWeb pixel streaming, allowed attendees to “physically” break free from the travel restrictions of the past 18 months and meet virtually.

Nearly 1,300 visitors walked around, met face-to-face, and “teleported” from one hall to another during the ASGVEC. Four exhibit halls were available, filled with booths of various sizes. It held over 12 hours of panel discussions with industry experts discussing the future of business aviation in Asia.

The unique feature of ASGVEC was that it was “self-contained”, meaning that attendees didn’t need to rely on external tools to accomplish what should be simple daily tasks, without the need for VR or AR goggles. Moreover, using ASGVEC’s built-in webcam functionality, it was possible to converse face-to-face with exhibitors and colleagues.

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