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Metaverse November 10, 2021

Metaverse: Hong Kong start-up held an AR trade show



Last month, two start-ups in Hong Kong utilized the Metaverse to hold a virtual exhibition, ASGVEC. One through the organization of a virtual event for individual avatars and through the use of webcams to communicate between them, the other one by working on a method of acquiring goods in virtual events, galleries, or showrooms.

There is a separate Metaverse for each organization, and each of its digital assets can engage and interact if necessary.

One of those two companies is Asian Sky Media. ASG has partnered with GathR Virtual Studios, Inc, creator of Mytaverse, to host ASGVEC, the Asian Sky Group’s virtual exhibition and conference last month. The initiative to build a virtual exhibition came after many of its in-person events could not take place.

There is a separate Metaverse for each organization, and each of its digital assets can engage and interact if necessary.

A “metaverse” trade show.

ASGVEC’s design was to mimic the experience participants would have at a trade show and conference in person. With more than 50 exhibitors, including Dassault Aviation, Leonardo Helicopters, Textron Aviation, Embraer Executive Jets and many other recognized names in business aircraft support and services, such as NetJets, JSSI, Sino Jet Group and Metrojet, the Mytaverse platform, using Epic Games Unreal Engine 4 and PurWeb pixel streaming, allowed attendees to “physically” break free from the travel restrictions of the past 18 months and meet virtually.

Nearly 1,300 visitors walked around, met face-to-face, and “teleported” from one hall to another during the ASGVEC. Four exhibit halls were available, filled with booths of various sizes. It held over 12 hours of panel discussions with industry experts discussing the future of business aviation in Asia.

The unique feature of ASGVEC was that it was “self-contained”, meaning that attendees didn’t need to rely on external tools to accomplish what should be simple daily tasks, without the need for VR or AR goggles. Moreover, using ASGVEC’s built-in webcam functionality, it was possible to converse face-to-face with exhibitors and colleagues.

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Jonathan Hobbs is an Australian investor and author that trades on a variety of asset classes, including currencies, equities, and commodities. Jonathan’s experience as a macro trader leverages his unique writing style to combine important elements, such as technical analysis and news. The other elements that he brings into his unique writing styles are foundation analysis aimed at rational equilibrium values, evaluating the sizes and motivations of buyers and sellers, as well as identifying the needs of the buyers and sellers in the individual markets. Jonathan is committed to quality writing for new traders as well as veterans.

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eBay purchases rising NFT marketplace



KnownOrigin is a marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that allows artists to create, purchase, and sell digital items. eBay made the announcement today that it has acquired KnownOrigin.

This year has seen a number of corporations provide financial backing for the metaverse, the most recent of which is the global commerce leader’s investment in Web3.

“eBay is the first stop for people all over the world who are searching for that perfect, hard-to-find, or unique addition to their collection,” stated Jamie Iannone, CEO of eBay. “With this acquisition, we will remain a leading site as our community is increasingly adding digital collectibles,” Iannone added. “eBay is the first stop for people all over the world who are searching for that perfect, hard-to-find, or unique addition to their collection.”

“KnownOrigin has built up a remarkable, enthusiastic, and dedicated network of artists and collectors, which makes them the perfect complement to our community of sellers and buyers. We are excited to have these pioneers join the eBay community, and we can’t wait to meet them all!”

According to the firm, eBay made investments in technical changes in May of 2017 to make purchasing and selling NFTs on the platform easier. As a result, eBay began allowing NFTs to be purchased and sold on the platform

The co-founder of KnownOrigin, David Moore, stated that they believe that “as interest in NFTs continues to expand, now is the perfect time for us to join with a company that has the reach and knowledge of eBay.” We have spent over twenty-five years cultivating communities of like-minded individuals, and we are thrilled by the opportunity to bring an entirely new audience along on this adventure.

“This is the beginning of a new chapter in the story of KnownOrigin, and we couldn’t have chosen a better time to focus on expanding and creating alongside the team at eBay,” said the CEO of KnownOrigin.

Moore stated that the purpose behind the establishment of KnownOrigin was to give creators and collectors the ability to buy and sell certified digital artifacts on their platform in order to give them more power.


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Monster Racing League is an exciting NFT project



The thrilling and soon-to-be-released multiplayer racing game Monster Racing League is a Play-2-Earn format that emphasizes both tactical thinking and dexterity. In Monster Racing League, players let the monster do the driving while they focus on developing a play style that best suits them by tactically equipping their monster with skills and consumables for usage during the race.

Users are able to choose the optimal moment to utilize powers such as guns, shields, smoke, and boost cards while racing, which not only allows them to destroy their opponents but also allows them to refine their skills.

“One facet of the whole gaming experience in Monster Racing League is the competition itself. Users will be able to mate two separate monsters using our in-house developed chromosomal breeding system to produce a new monster with unique characteristics in terms of its speed, skill, and intelligence, as well as its coloration and physical appearance.”

The actual game is ready to go live and is currently undergoing the final phases of testing by the development team and economic balancing by in order to guarantee a long-term viability for the in-game economy

On July 1st, users will have access to 10,000 containers, each of which contains everything they need to get started playing Monster Racing League as well as more content. Not only does it provide users with the monster and car, but it also provides them with additional items that give them a headstart in the game and make it easier for them to defeat their opponents.

Each container has an Origin Monster, a car, and 1-2 Abilities, which can take the form of things like missiles, shields, smoke, and so on. A boost pack that gives users either 20, 50, or 100 consumable cards that give them an advantage in a race; a custom vehicle cosmetic that allows them to customize the appearance of their car; and a chance to acquire one of only 20 ultra-rare tracks that provide them passive benefits in races. This indicates that they will receive a minimum of four NFTs in each container as opposed to just one NFT.

Twitter / Discord

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Gucci releases innovative Vault Art Space



In order to carry on Gucci’s research of the art world and the House’s own trip through the unexplored regions of the metaverse, the House’s experimental force has opened the Vault Art Space.

The online gallery is a place to view and explore the forward-thinking visions of contemporary Artists, as well as a place to purchase from the Artists, using cryptocurrencies, which are non-fungible tokens associated with their Artworks. It was created through a partnership between Gucci and the digital art marketplace SuperRare. In addition, the first exhibit’s name is “The Next 100 Years of Gucci,” and it will be on display there.

Vault has established a foothold in the cryptoart industry through a collaboration with the House, which is a leading pioneering marketplace for one-of-a-kind curated NFT artworks

Collectible pieces of the House’s kaleidoscopic narrative are shown at the Vault Art Space and then auctioned off in a regular cycle of drops, thereby making the House’s history accessible to an ever-expanding range of perspectives. In addition, the House has made an investment in the SuperRare Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) by purchasing a $RARE Token.

Gucci’s Vault is an online concept store that was conceived by Creative Director Alessandro Michele and brought into existence by Gucci. A testament to the belief that the past, present, and future can co-exist through the power of the imagination, the name evokes an air of magic while also denoting the presence of precious objects that represent a love for beauty, dreams, passion, and the search for ideas that go beyond the confines of time and space. The name also suggests the presence of precious objects that represent a love for beautiful objects that represent a love for beauty, dreams, passion, and the search for ideas that go beyond the confines of time

The first exhibition held at Vault Art Space will be displayed and auctioned off directly on the website of Vault Art Space in three drops.

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