Metaverse: Hyundai’s “Coming-M 2021” conference started

On Monday, the metaverse conference “Coming-M 2021” began. A total of 50 companies from 11 different nations will attend.

Hyundai Futurenet announced on Friday that they will co-host an interactive metaverse conference. The objective being, “create an arena where global enterprises, governments,”. Furthermore, “And individuals preparing for the post-pandemic age may exchange ideas and collaborate.”

The conference will take place on Coming-M, a metaverse platform built by Hyundai Futurenet. It will last five days, from Monday to Friday.


Duan Zhiyun, vice president of Tencent Roblox, David Chung, Hong Kong’s undersecretary for innovation and technology, and Wei Xianhua, executive director of the CAS-Reuters Joint Financial Risk Management Laboratory, are among those expected to attend.

In addition, Wysiwyg Studios, Locus, EVR Studio, d’strict, and Digisonic, all metaverse companies, are also attending the conference.

“The metaverse isn’t just an extended version of a game”. “It’s a technology track that combines content and blockchain, AI, network, display, and data,” said Ryu Seong-Taek, representative director of Hyundai Futurenet.

Moreover, “To make this a reality, many connected companies will need to create an ecosystem.”

Similarly, the Korea Herald’s CEO, Choi Jin-young, stated, “Traditional sectors, such as the press, are at a crossroads and must modernize if they are not to perish”. “I hope that companies may discover a way to lead the future as a result of this conference.”

According to Yang Byung-seok, CEO of an open metaverse platform firm, they are working on a SaaS solution on WebXR to create a metaverse that their B2B customers can simply use.

“Through this conference, we are thrilled to be able to test the metaverse,” Yang remarked.

The Coming-M platform is administered by Metafactory. It is a Hyundai Futurenet firm that aspires to develop a metaverse for the education and events industry.

Furthermore, a Metafactory representative, Song Min-jae, stated, “This conference is only the beginning of a series of events. We’ll be launching a benefit- and data-aware platform that can be utilized on PCs, the web, and virtual reality headsets,”.

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