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Metaverse November 18, 2021

Metaverse: Israeli startup has launched interactive shopping



ByondXR produces interactive 3D websites that go beyond an online catalog and immerse shoppers in the metaverse buying experience. XR stands for “Extended Reality,”. It allows visitors to walk through a virtual store, pick things off the shelf, try them on at home.

metaverse shopping

Unlike online tools that just supplement traditional stores, the company’s virtual stores eliminate practically all of the waste produced by a physical store. There are no private vehicles to pollute, no malls to heat, cool, or maintain, no enormous parking lots, and no garbage or cleaning materials. For a rising number of buyers, it’s an appealing and long-term solution.

Live-streamed sales assistants and games that reward players with discounts, samples, or others are part of the company’s metaverse technology.

“Customers are seeking to boost their sustainability print”.

According to Noam Levavi, CEO of ByondXR, manufacturers and customers “seeking to boost their sustainability print” are becoming more interested in this innovative method.

“Particularly in the fashion and home décor space”. he said. “Sales through virtual showrooms translate into huge savings for companies that no longer have to manufacture and supply their items to brick-and-mortar stores,”.

“We’re linking the physical and virtual worlds by leveraging technology to attract and keep new clients, particularly younger customers who want more from their online interactions at a lower cost.”

ByondXR has built virtual storefronts for high-end brands like Armani, L’Oreal, Lancôme, and La Roche-Posay. As well as household names like P&G and Target.

This month, the business launched a virtual pop-up for Armani Beauty Germany. The store partnered with a well-known German Instagram influencer, whose avatar guided customers through the store. While encouraging them to try on products, including makeup.

“These brands don’t use our technologies alone to increase sales,” Levavi explains. “They’re leveraging it to create a new type of brand experience, attracting, engaging, and retaining new customers, particularly the younger ones.”

He explains, “Visiting a virtual store is a more emotional experience, users remember it,”. Therefore, “it becomes a journey, not simply a one-time visit,”.

The e-commerce boom caused by the epidemic has also boosted demand for XR technologies. Furthermore, by 2026, the industry is estimated to be valued over $125 billion.

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Jonathan Hobbs is an Australian investor and author that trades on a variety of asset classes, including currencies, equities, and commodities. Jonathan’s experience as a macro trader leverages his unique writing style to combine important elements, such as technical analysis and news. The other elements that he brings into his unique writing styles are foundation analysis aimed at rational equilibrium values, evaluating the sizes and motivations of buyers and sellers, as well as identifying the needs of the buyers and sellers in the individual markets. Jonathan is committed to quality writing for new traders as well as veterans.

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Bored Ape Gorilla Club NFTs are coming



The acronym BAGC refers to the Bored Ape Gorilla Club. The motivation behind the creation of BAGC stems from the apes’ desire to become members of the gorilla club, which was discovered by one of the apes. Simply by chance Since only members are permitted entry into the club, apes who are bored must submit an application for a membership card along with updated photographs. In a full-face frame.

As a consequence of this, the BAGC has produced a completely revamped collection of bored ape with one hundred percent matching DNA in order to assist bored ape in joining the club. All fans of Nft are in for a pleasant shock in the form of this brand-new series, for sure.

As a result of the fact that no two Bored Apes are identical to one another, the 10,000 NFTs have become especially popular as cool avatars for social networking handles. The collectable avatars were automatically generated by a computer program using over 170 possible characteristics, such as facial expression, accessories, headgear, and other options.

The exclusive collection is minted on the Ethereum blockchain, among a large number of other well-known crypto art initiatives like as BAYC

A collection of 10,000 unique apes that are housed on the Ethereum blockchain and have an ERC-721 smart contract that has been confirmed. In addition, the cost of each individual item is 0.128 Ether. However, the price of the first 1,000 goods will be set at 0.07 ether each.

A miner of a four-digit number that is made up of the same numbers, such as 1111 or 2222 and similar combinations, will be awarded by the next NFT. This is another service that the BAGC provides for its club members.




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The Paradox Metaverse unveils NFT staking



The Paradox Metaverse, the latest player-to-employee game developed by Paradox Studios and based on blockchain technology, will include support for NFT Staking using $Para Coin. Staking one’s NFTs or $PARA Coins would be one of the key ways that players may earn within the context of the game.

Players will have the ability to generate passive income by putting their NFT collection and accumulated $PARA Coin to use in various ways

The company made the announcement that staking in the game will operate in a manner that is analogous to how it operates in the real world, where depositors receive interests on their money. However, in the game, the rewards will be provided in the form of crypto, which gives players more agency from their point of view.

Players have the ability to put any amount of their $PARA on the line by staking it as P-Save for a time period that can range anywhere from 28 days to 2,888 days. As a consequence of this, the player’s stake will continue to accumulate prizes each day, and the quantity yielded will depend on the length of time a stake lasts, with those who save for a longer period of time obtaining even more rewards as a result.

The game will also provide users the option of selling their NFT characters to other players, which will assist the NFT holder in generating passive revenue for themselves. It is possible for NFT holders to generate passive income with a 50/50 split on Play and Earn prizes while they are not using their NFTs because there is a limited quantity of character NFTs. This will allow others to pay holders to use their NFT character to earn while they are playing the game.

In addition to this, players have the option of staking their non-faction transfer characters, which can result in the characters being locked for a length of time ranging from 28 days to 2,888 days. However, it is vital to keep in mind that NFT characters that are now being staked cannot be used in the game at the same time, nor can they be used to gain in-game currency while the stake is active for that character.


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Meta expands to Spain and France



Meta is introducing Horizon Worlds in France and Spain in an effort to increase the market share of its social virtual reality platform. This builds on the three existing markets, the U.S., Canada, and the U.K., where it is already available. In a Facebook post, Mark Zuckerberg announced the debut and mentioned that the program would be expanded to more nations.

In the United States and Canada, Meta released Horizon Worlds last year for all users over the age of 18, and in June it became accessible to users in the United Kingdom. In April, it also revealed that it was developing a web version that would enable users to interact with virtual worlds without a VR equipment.

Aside from these security features, the company has recently expanded the Horizon Worlds platform with controls for voice communication and four-foot personal boundaries around avatars

One of the VR social apps offered by Meta, which aspires to create a metaverse made up of numerous such virtual worlds, is Horizon Worlds. The company anticipates that customers would hang out with their pals there more frequently and perhaps spend money on in-app purchases.

In the previous few quarters, the corporation has heavily invested in developing the metaverse since changing its name from Facebook to Meta. The company saw its first-ever quarterly sales decline in Q2 2022, but it remains confident that its gamble on the metaverse will succeed. The Horizon Worlds app had more than 300,000 monthly users, according to Meta in February.

Clearly, this will be a highly expensive project over the next years. Zuckerberg stated this during the Q2 2022 quarterly earnings call. “But as the metaverse becomes more important in every aspect of how we live, from our social platforms to entertainment, work, and commerce, I’m confident that we’re going to be happy that we played an important role in building this.”


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