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Metaverse: JEDSTAR to open KRED token pre-sale


The Jedstar project is both a Decentralized and Gaming metaverse initiative aimed at connecting crypto-currencies with fiat financial systems.

With its recently announced KRED token, the company will offer its upcoming Trading Card Game (CCG), Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG), as well as its in-game NFT metaverse marketplace and the first Currency as a Service (CAAS) model.

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A CAAS model will enable a wide-scale adoption of crypto-currencies without having to go through the usual steps of converting fiat to crypto.

Jedstar implemented KREDs as part of “STARDOME”, which will allow users of the regular gaming platform to trade them. While using the same payment methods they use every day.

Recently, Jedstar announced impressive initial partnerships with Chainlink, FRAG games, Remote Control Productions and Skill Gaming.

Joshua G, CEO of Jedstar, said, “This staking program is our way of saying thanks to you for supporting our 400,000% price growth over the last two months,”. “We would like to award our investors with $KRED, so they can purchase art from established artists through our NFT AGORA platform, as well as play (and play-to-earn) on hundreds of games coming soon.”.

Jedstar team recognized that crypto-currency adoption was imminent, and only about 4% of the world now uses crypto-currencies. The challenge is reaching the remaining 96%.

A dominant gaming industry.

Around 40% of the world’s population engage in the gaming industry. Many are already familiar with gaming currencies. Only one problem being, these currencies often do not behave like one currency towards another. As a result, they can’t be turned back into fiat money.

Jedstar determined that this gap could be easily bridged by using a real cryptocurrency as the base token for Skill Gaming. This allows for both mass adoption of crypto-currencies and ease of use for players who won’t have to worry about overcoming the barriers of understanding and using crypto-currencies.

Skill Gaming will be holding a public pre-sale on its website for the KRED token in November and December.

Investors will be able to reserve tokens at a discount to the public launch price in Q4.

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