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Mexican Stock Exchanges Halts Unexpectedly


The Mexican inventory Exchange halted trading around noon Friday, and then three hours later declared an end to your trading trip to its closing that is typical time.

At the right time it provided no explanation associated with the choice. The trade wrote that both decisions had been taken “in conformity with our interior regulations and running manual. on its Twitter account”

However in a statement night it said the main cause had been “an mistake by a technology provider. Friday the exchange’s trading is largely online.

The halting had created rumors because there appeared to be no drop that is sudden would have triggered a cut-off. The exchange’s index that is primary up about 0.19% for your day.

The exchange “completely discards that the suspension was due to a cyberattack,” the statement stated.

In a analysis report before Friday night of statement, Mexico’s Banco BASE wrote that “this just isn’t enough time that is very first trading is suspended without prior notice, and even though details weren’t provided, it will be possible that a technical problem is involved, as has occurred in past years.” The Mexican inventory Exchange halted trading around noon.

The business said in a statement late the suspension system ended up being because of an error the effect of a technology provider Friday. Despite rumors, it was stated by the change had eliminated a cyber assault and that it operates with adequate protection standards.

Mexico’s challenger stock market — the Bolsa Institucional de Valores — said that its operations stay normal and without the setback, in accordance with spokesman Salvador Leal. Indeed this unexpected stoppage seems to be just one in a long line of problems that have plagued the Mexican Exchange in recent months, throwing into sharp relief the dire straits international commerce are in.


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