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Microsoft has created an Xbox metaverse


Microsoft continues to celebrate Xbox’s 20th anniversary with a virtual gallery where Xbox players can wander as avatars.

On the twentieth anniversary of the launch of the original Xbox, Microsoft is continuing to go all out. And why not? The Xbox has shook up the once-dominant Japanese console sector. It gave us Xbox Live and Achievements, death rings, Bill Gates speaking to a room full of Japanese gaming execs, and, perhaps most importantly, Halo. The Xbox platforms have spawned a slew of memories, and Microsoft certainly wants you to remember them all.



Xbox owners can now wander a virtual space

Xbox owners may now explore an Xbox metaverse, a virtual environment that houses a museum of Xbox highlights. These contain important dates, such as the debut of specific platforms, as well as errors, such as the iconic Red Ring of Death. You can see the avatars of other Xbox owners at the Xbox museum, so it fulfills the metaverse concept.

Xbox owners, on the other hand, may be more interested in the personal Xbox museum, which displays a list of personal highlights. Players’ most played game, first game on each system, first achievement, first uncommon achievement, number of hours and games played… You see what I mean.

Our editor-in-chief went through her own photo collection. Additionaly discovered that FIFA 10 was her most played game, with a total of 346 games across all Xbox generations. She’d managed to get a Gamer Score of roughly 135,000. It also made her think about how bad the Xbox 360’s launch lineup was…

In the Xbox metaverse museum, there are a total of 132 moments of history to uncover

There are 132 moments of history to discover in the Xbox metaverse museum, and you can see others engaging with the digital displays that chart the growth of the first Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and the most recent Xbox Series X/S. The 20-year timeline is jam-packed with memorable experiences, many of which are accompanied with a tale that includes a video of the event.


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