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Moderna: ‘Coronavirus will be over within a year’


Moderna CEO Stefan Vansel said he expects the Covid-19 pandemic to be over within a year with increased vaccine production ensuring a global supply.

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According to foreign media reports on the 23rd (local time), CEO Vansle told the Swiss newspaper Neuer Zucker Zeitung, “If you consider the expansion of production capacity in all sectors over the last six months, by the middle of next year everyone on the planet will be vaccinated. “A sufficient dose will be available for this purpose,” he explained. Vancell also added that infants may soon be vaccinated.

“Even people who are not vaccinated will naturally become immune, because the delta mutation is highly contagious,” he said. “In this way, we will end up with a situation similar to the flu,” he added. “We can get vaccinated and get through the winter, or we can get sick and even go to the hospital without it.”

BoosterShot will be approved by the government for those already vaccinated, since it is clear that at-risk patients who were vaccinated last fall will require a booster shot.

Booster doses of Moderna Vaccine are half of the initial dose, so there is room for more usage.

“The volume of vaccine is the biggest limiting factor,” Vansel said. However, a booster shot this year will be made in the same quantity as the original.
Moderna has not had enough time to replace it.

“We are currently testing the delta mutation in clinical trials,” Vansle said. “We are also testing the delta plus beta mutation.”

Additionally, Moderna can use its existing vaccine production lines for both the new mutations and the original vaccine, and the price will remain the same.

In 2021, Moderna expects to generate sales of $20.0 billion, including $6.9 billion in the third quarter and $7.1 billion in the fourth quarter.

The figures include the primary vaccine series and booster doses.

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