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NIO Shares Down For No Obvious Reason Today


Shares of Chinese NIO are trading lower on Monday. There clearly was no news that is obvious stocks lower, nonetheless it was caught in a sell-off that impacted other recently hot assets including Tesla and Bitcoin.

While there are reasons become bullish on NIO’s long-term prospects, it’s difficult to argue with all the idea that the stock is expensive. In the end, it is a ongoing company that sold simply 43,000 vehicles in 2020 — and it’s really still sporting market limit almost twice that of Ford Motor business.

Investors who’ve been across the Motley Fool for a whilst realize that some shares that seem costly now usually look inexpensive in retrospect. That could grow to be real of NIO. But I believe it is rather feasible that today’s downward movement is related to decreases in Tesla, Bitcoin, and similar assets into the feeling that lots of things searching for high priced — and some investors might be responding by moving to lessen profile risk that is overall.

There was some news that is little NIO on Monday, nonetheless it wasn’t bearish. Asia’s Auto Home website stated that NIO is now in the last phases of testing its second-generation that is brand new battery-swap. The business expects to begin deploying the stations in April.

NIO’s approximately 200 battery-swap channels are becoming a key part of its company that is general strategy. Purchasers of new NIOs can choose to purchase the vehicle without a battery pack, which lowers the purchase price, and decide on a registration to your battery-swap solution, which provides NIO revenue that is ongoing the vehicle purchase.

The second-generation that is brand new can handle more vehicles per day than NIO’s present channels, and can complete the swap procedure in less time than the roughly three minutes required during the current stations. The organization hopes to possess 500 of this channels that are brand new and operating in China by the end of the 12 months.

Automobile investors can look forward to learning more in regards to the channels that are new NIO states its fourth-quarter and full-year 2020 profits following the U.S. markets close next Monday, March 1. Shares of Chinese NIO are trading lower on Monday.


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