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Press Releases

Our press releases are official statements from your company, delivered to members of the news media for the purpose of providing information, establishing a narrative, or making an announcement for public release. 

Press releases are also widely thought of as primary sources of information, which establishes confidence on the part of the consumer.

Let’s take a look at the features of using this strategy

  1. A refined and dynamic press release is “crawled” by search engine algorithms and discovered by both consumers and media designers alike. 
  2. Multimedia news-releases enable a company or individual to deliver news content in a multimedia format, which blends photos, logos, video, audio, text, and related documents to help increase the reach of your content. 
  3. A digital press release can be distributed much faster than just emailing relevant press content and usually reaches a larger demographic by way of online syndication. 
  4. A press release is more cost effective as well, and you will benefit from the amplification of your content when we embed social media links into the content itself, extending both the reach and lifetime of your releases on the web.

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Copyright © 1997 - 2022 MetaNews All Rights Reserved