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Real World Savings from Meta Could be Billions


Real World Savings from Meta Could be Billions. Many investors are getting behind the Metaverse because of its potential to reduce waste, apparently. Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang is one of those adamant supporters of the emerging Metaverse. He says that, through simulation, they could potentially save billions of dollars.

Not Just Money

It’s not only money they plan on saving, but also resources and time. Ultimately, these savings will amount to savings in money as well. But the money saved will be a function of the envisioned savings of material and labor.

Simulating things like plants, animals, systems, and people, will also reduce the need to have those things in real life. It is so attractive an idea, that Nvidia shares have risen 29% almost overnight in trading terms. This is partly due to their support of the new Metaverse projects. Also, word is getting out that Nvidia tech is powering many of those projects.

Already a powerful and influential supplier of chips and tech, Nvidia has seen a major spike in sales. Due, in part, to the new territory they are tracing out with Meta. The Metaverse will need both hardware and software innovations to make the dream come alive. Nvidia is forming a key part of that foundation, and getting in now could be a good move.

The Artificial Intelligence potential is almost as tantalizing as the VR and AR potential. We have yet to see any incredible developments, but the payoff may well be worth the hype. MetaNews is dedicated to delivering the best and latest news on the Metaverse. Real World Savings from Meta Could be Billions.


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