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Subaru Gets Xilinx Help For Driver-Assistance System


Xilinx Inc & Subaru Corp combine to power new driver-assistance system that will let drivers go hands-free during traffic jams, among other new features.

The firms stated Subaru’s forthcoming Levorg, a hatchback that is midsized, will use one of Xilinx’s “Zynq” chips in a version that is new of “EyeSight” driver-assistance system. The machine utilizes two digital cameras to have a industry that is stereo of of the street and combines that data with input from radar sensors mounted round the vehicle rather of using more high priced sensors such as lidar, which uses laser light to measure the car’s distance away from objects.

Xilinx’s chip will give you the processing power for the camera photos, the ongoing companies said. The unit shall have functions such as for instance slowing the motor car down before a curve on highways considering an estimation related to the bend. The device will succeed at also driving that is hands-free traffic jams at speeds below about 50 kilometers per hour, or simply around 30 miles each hour, as an add-on option. The function shall just be accessible in Japan on the Levorg, and requires the car to be loaded with high-resolution mapping data.

The motorist would still be needed to keep their or her eyes forward on the road, and sensors within the cabin will detect if the driver is attention that is paying.

Subaru additionally plans to update the system that is operational time with new features, which played into your preference to select Xilinx’s chips, officials said. The chips are just what are known as programmable chips, so a number of how they work are changed as new features are added.

“We can perform a lot more data processing, aswell as provide these features that are different” Satoshi Katahira of Subaru’s higher level safety system design department told Reuters in an meeting. Xilinx Inc & Subaru Corp combine to power new driver-assistance system.


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