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Eurozone: Growth is in jeopardy

The Eurozone economy is doing well, but the Covid-19 outbreak has resurfaced, putting a pall over economic forecasts. The PMI indices, which represent corporate confidence in the monetary union and are leading indicators of economic growth, climbed in November, above economists’ predictions. “The better-than-expected PMI indicates that the Eurozone economy
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SIX to move its operations abroad

In an interview, Chairman of the Board Thomas Wellauer revealed that SIX is considering moving some of its operations abroad, including to Spain and Poland. “In terms of developing new functions, Spain now represents a viable option,” says the report, adding that actions in Poland are also gaining traction. On the other hand, he opposed […]
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Samsung: $17 billion plant in Texas

Samsung Electronics announced on Tuesday that it would invest $17 billion on a semiconductor manufacturing plant in Taylor, Texas. The initiative is to help the U.S. cope with the current shortage of semiconductors. Which is causing delays in several industries. According to Kinam Kim, vice-president of Samsung’s electronic devices division, the new factory, which is