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The End of Week Report on The U.S. Markets


Here’s our end-of-week report on the U.S. Markets. MetaNews has followed these shares and indexes carefully to bring you the latest and most relevant information for your financial analysis.

First off, despite increased gains throughout the week, the U.S. markets ended the trading day with a whimper. This is mostly due to already reported remarks from the Fed that it may be increasing interest rates sooner than investors had hoped; but, despite this, many are hopeful for a long-term payoff to these foreboding announcements.  

Secondly, we observed that the Nasdaq, which has fostered a particularly tech-forward spread lately, was also down by the end of the day despite putting up a valiant effort in many sectors.

Part of what has investors spooked, and markets down, comes from the apparent certainty that inflation is barreling down the path at us, set to hit in early 2023. That may seem like a short time away, but it’s a span of time that affords many the opportunity to reverse these losses and turn them into lang-term wins.

The unknown factors are certainly still weighing heavily on many investors and markets. For instance: How will the Feds handle the titration of such a massive amount of inflationary baggage? Is there plan for “trickling” the impact sufficient to curb the damage that many fear is inevitable?

We’ll see.

Looking at the specifics though, we saw the Dow Jones Industrial Average decline 533.37 points, or 1.58%, and the S&P 500 sustain damages amounting to 55.41 points, or 1.31%. The Nasdaq Composite tumbled 130.97 points, or 0.92%, to 14,030.38 as well.

Declines, for certain, but they are not irrecuperable, and we’ve definitely seen worse in the past 18 months.

“Next week, you will have various Fed governors give speeches, and we’ll have the same thing: some governors will be more hawkish, and some will be more dovish, so you’ll see some back-and-forth,” Ghriskey added. Here’s our end-of-week report on the U.S. Markets.


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