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The “Metaverse” is Being Constructed From Other Domains


The “Metaverse” is being constructed from other domains. As you might have guessed, Meta didn’t own everything they wanted from the very beginning. This means, in practice, that they’ve been buying up a lot of internet real estate.

Vox, New York Times, and others have all reported on how unnerving it is that Facebook, now parented by Meta, wants to be even bigger. I think we all have a Huxlein aversion to unchecked expansion of certain media companies. But Meta isn’t just buying up domains and internet space; they’re buying intellectual property.

What this means

Facebook has made upwards of 21 new acquisitions in the last few years, and this means a lot to investors and entrepreneurs. It seems only natural that a company as ambitious and expansive as Meta should be buying up properties. But how big is too big?

Well, there’s no easy way to answer that question. Granted, on the surface Meta just wants to introduce its new ideas, projects and platforms in the newest and most effective way possible. But this means that they are subsuming more and more of the tech market.

The future of Meta is written in its past, to some extent. They have acquired companies like WhatsApp and Instagram to their benefit, but are they planning something bigger, other than expansionism? We’ll certainly be looking closely at their ideas and plans this year and next. MetaNews is hold-out for great news on this subject, The “Metaverse” is being constructed from other domains. As you might have guessed, Meta didn’t own everything they wanted from.


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