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The Metaverse is Raising New Concerns About Human Rights


The Metaverse is Raising New Concerns About Human Rights. Granted, the internet has always been a hot bed for debate over issues of human rights. From the early days of cyber-bullying to the modern offensives made by cyber-criminals, we all know the dangers. Some, however, may not be so easily defined or regulated.

Regarding the argument over whether or not Web 3.0 should be decentralized or not, we run into some problems. The questions of liberty online and human rights are closely related and intertwined. We know that Meta will be doing everything it can do essentially control content on the Metaverse. What we don’t know is how that will work, long-term.

Many, many, decentralization advocates caution that too much regulatory power in the hands of one company is bad news. This has certainly proved to be the case time and again with big companies. In other realms of industry especially, like finance and stock trading. Controversy abounds in this new field of expanding technology.

We do not yet know what kind of regulations the public will need. Many have suggested that letting the free-market sort itself out over time is the key. But this presents its own set of risks as well. Such as the overreach of private industry without oversight. But this brings up the question of oversight in general. Who should have the authority to oversee our activities and “protect” us? Time will tell and MetaNews will be there to report on the events as they unfold. The Metaverse is Raising New Concerns About Human Rights.


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