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Metaverse April 12, 2022

Top 5 Upcoming Metaverse Projects



If you have missed out early opportunities in the Metaverse to buy yourself that nice piece of land in Decentrraland or to become Snoop Doggs neighbour in the Sandbox. Below are five very high potential upcomimg metaverse projects:


1- Alterverese

Alterverse is both free to play and play to earn game using the UREAL ENGINE Technology. You can buy land. You can mint and sell your NFTs and you can do a whole lot more. Alterverse has currently two games in works REKT and FPS. More than 3000 players have already registered for this game. 

Sky City is the main theme of the Alterverse. Its a free to get into city with 17 large floating platforms called halo sphere. Sky City will have stores meeting spaces and shops for selling NFTs. 

The in game coin for the Alterverse is ACE. The ACE token is expected to go live in Q2 of 2022. You will need the engine wallet to own the ACE token. Alterverse is an “altcoinbuz” incubator project which has a good public team.

Alterverse has its own marketplace on ENGINE and you are also able buy land or skins in their NFT market place


2- Bit Country

Bit Country is a metaverse project for Polkadot and Kusama . Bit Country offers EVM compatibility. Land sales are already available in Bit Country. “NUUM” is token for Bit Country Metaverse. During the first sale, 80 million NUUM was sold from a total supply of 1 billion

Additionaly, “BIT” is the in game token and “NEER” is the pioneer Kusama listed token.

A total of 1000 partials of land for sale are available in Bit Country  metaverse.

Cross chain interoperability is a key component of the Bit Country Metaverse. Bit Country continues to attract massive investor attention and is something to watch out for.


3- Paxworld

Number three on the list is “Paxworld.” Paxworld’s main focus is on people “communication” in the metaverse. Communication between people within Metaverses has not been explored at this level and this characteristic is the key USP for Paxworld.. The Paxworld Metaverse won a huge award in AIBC Asia. To solidify their vision of communication in the Metaverse, Paxworld is also building a video/audio product to use in the Metaverse.

Paxworld were able to raise 5 million dollars in initial seed money. They had a huge demo day with more than 10000 attendees earlier this year in Switzerland. The whitelist for land sales is still going on. Paxworld boasts low hardware requirement to get into their world. 

PAXW is the BEP20 Paxworld token. One billion of total PAXW are available with only 40% for public sale. The IDO date is still not announced. 7.5 Million PAXW token will be available for sale during their upcoming IDO according to their white paper.

Keep your eyes open for othe Paxworld News.


4- Legion network

Tipped as a Metaverse super app, legion network will primarily be an NFT Marketplace.

LGX is the native Legion Network’s BEP 20 token. You can buy or stake the LGX token.

The LGX will have a supply of 1 billion  tokens, with initial circulating supply of 6 million. The sale that took place on the 31st of March was first come first serve and was a huge success.

The LGX tokenomics states 30% of total LGX tokens will be available to the community. All other LGX token holders accept the public launch have a minimum 6 month lock period and a 24 month vesting schedule.


5- Dropp

Dropp is a land based metaverse that runs on Solana. Dropp uses geo location and mapping to mirror real world locations. You can use augmented reality in this metaverse as well. The first concentration of land area for Dropp is LA. 

Within the  Dropp Metavers you can also buy land. On you purchased land, you can build a gallery to sell NFs, conduct meetings etc.

Total supply of the Dropp token is 500 Million with only 21% is available for public sale. 

The limited public sale of maximum 21% out of the total allocation is what stands out Dropp amongst the race for the best Metaverse.

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Justin N. Richards is a Florida-based technical analyst, market researcher, educator, and trader. Justin began his career in Chicago in 2001 performing futures market analysis for floor traders at the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He also worked for numerous brokerage firms during that time, all of which hold him in high regard, and he has been providing outstanding analysis services for traders worldwide ever since. Mr. Richards is an expert in the area of market patterns, price and time analysis as it applies to futures, Forex, and stocks. In addition to these talents, he provides educational services for investors looking to improve their analysis and trade skills. Justin has a B.A. in Business Administration from UCLA and an M.S. in Financial Markets and Trading from the Illinois Institute of Technology. Justin’s professional experience, education, and discipline, not only make him an exceptional analyst, they point him out as a reliable, hard working and intelligent business strategist who is dedicated to his craft.

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NeoEden’s Realm is an emerging NFT project



NeoEden’s Realm is made up of a collection of 5005 one-of-a-kind pieces of digital art that are referred to as “Neo-Cardz.” These Neo-Cardz depict the noble inhabitants of the realm. Each one is generated from millions of different possible combinations, has the design of a traditional deck of playing cards, and depicts a different king or queen who resides in the Realm. These kings and queens each have their own distinct personality and are exceedingly rare.

The fantastical setting that served as the inspiration for NeoEden’s Realm was given a contemporary crypto spin so that it may become a reality

The “Crypto OG” philosophers who established the Realm had the idea for Neo Eden, which involved community-based NFTs being combined with creative blockchain solutions.

“Our objective is to establish ourselves as the community standard for bridging the gap between non-linear time travel technology and the world we live in.”

Each Neocard will be minted at a cost of 0.0777 Ethereum, with a limit of four cards per wallet at any given time. Neocard owners have complete ownership of their assets and are allowed to use them anyway they like under a license that does not give them exclusive rights. Each member of the team will be awarded with 4 Neocardz of arbitrary value and 5% of any future $ROSES that are burned.

The owners of each Neocard will be able to claim five gorgeous $Roses each and every day for the next five years. This will usher in a new era of “Rosenomics” for the Realm, which will serve a variety of purposes for the many ecosystem utilities. Owners are entitled to a one-time payout of one hundred dollars in roses for each Neocard that they mint.

The direction that Neo-Eden will take in the future will be heavily influenced by the proposals that it has for its “DAO.” The company that manages Neo-Eden will implement voting features, and the more one is involved with the project and holds a variety of assets within the ecosystem, the more voting power they will have.

“We want our community to govern on key decisions with the direction of the project by voting openly on its ideas,” “We want our community to govern on prime decisions with the direction of the project.”




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WimbleWorld is a new metaverse for tennis fans



Wimbledon’s sponsors and partners can now reach under-18s in the metaverse. As the tournament begins, so does WimbleWorld in Roblox. It allows spectators to play on a virtual Centre Court, a tribute to the famous stadium’s 100th year on Church Road.

Fans can also receive incentives for the virtual Wimbledon store. Roblox users can opt to have their avatars wear pieces from the Wimbledon Ralph Lauren 2022 collection. Roblox and AMC fans can get Andy Murray’s 2022 AMC cap for their avatars. WimbleWorld features Andy Murray.

James Kay, Roblox’s senior director of international communications, says the tennis event may reach a new audience through Roblox’s gamified experience. “Center Court at Wimbledon is 100 years old. You’re talking about something that’s had supporters for generations. We’re thinking about how to engage the next generation of fans beyond watching matches”, says Kay.

Wimbledon will also activate The Gang’s Strongman Simulator, a popular Roblox game

As WimbleWorld starts on Roblox, the key Wimbledon social channels will promote it to maximize crossover. In addition to WimbleWorld on Roblox, fans may enjoy other ‘Wimbledon at Home’ activities and experiences, whether they are attending the tournament in person, from a distance, or interactively through Roblox.

Kay believes the execution is meant to promote Wimbledon to a new generation of fans, but it also has other KPIs. “There might be a monetization aspect, or they may realize we have a great fan base in this generation and want to engage them. It depends on the brand’s type, location, and goal.”

In the case of Wimbledon, they want to ensure that the next generation is hooked on tennis like prior generations were and that the tournament’s tradition continues. Alexandra Willis, All England Club communications and marketing director, states, “Our objective is to ensure that tomorrow’s fans love Wimbledon as much as today’s.”

WimbleWorld on Roblox allows fans to participate virtually on Centre Court. Thank you to Roblox, The Gang, and Andy Murray and Ralph Lauren for being a part of WimbleWorld in its inaugural year.


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Siemens boosts metaverse for the industry



Siemens, a leader in industrial automation and software, infrastructure, building technology, and transportation, and NVIDIA, a pioneer in accelerated graphics and AI, expanded their relationship to allow the industrial metaverse and promote use of AI-driven digital twin technologies.

Siemens Xcelerator, an open digital business platform, will be connected to NVIDIA OmniverseTM, a 3D design and collaboration platform. With Siemens’ physics-based digital models and NVIDIA’s real-time AI, enterprises can make faster, more confident decisions.

Omniverse’s inclusion to Siemens Xcelerator will speed the adoption of digital twins to optimize production and product lifecycles. Companies of all sizes will be able to use digital twins with real-time performance data, create novel industrial IoT solutions, utilize actionable insights from edge or cloud analytics, and overcome engineering issues by making visually rich, immersive simulations more accessible.

“Photorealistic, physics-based digital twins implanted in the industrial metaverse can alter our economies and industries by offering a virtual world where people can engage and collaborate to solve real-world challenges. Through this alliance, we’ll provide the industrial metaverse to all enterprises” stated Siemens CEO Roland Busch. “Our digital twin technology has helped customers across many industries enhance productivity for over a decade. We offer the industry’s most comprehensive digital twin. When Siemens Xcelerator is connected to Omniverse, we’ll offer a real-time, immersive metaverse that connects hardware and software from the edge to the cloud using Siemens’ software and solutions.”

This alliance combines technology and ecosystems to create the industrial metaverse

Siemens straddles the physical and digital worlds, IT and OT. Moreover, Siemens Xcelerator integrates mechanical, electrical, and software domains across product and production processes, enabling IT and OT convergence.

AI-enabled, realistically simulated, industrial-scale virtual-world engine NVIDIA Omniverse enables live digital twins. NVIDIA AI is the world’s most popular AI platform, powering Omniverse in the cloud and autonomous systems at the edge. NVIDIA Omniverse and AI constitute Siemens Xcelerator’s digital twin.


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