A third of companies in Spain foresees layoffs
One in three companies in Spain (32%) say that this…
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A third of companies in Spain foresees layoffs

One in three companies in Spain (32%) say that this year’s minimum wage increase of 1.6%, 15 euros per month, will result in layoffs of part of the


Australia nuclear submarines raise global concerns

The United States has decided to transfer nuclear submarine technology to Australia. France is not alone in protesting the move. CNN reported on the 18th

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Fed officials to review ethics rules over bond purchase

Fed officials, including Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, held bonds to be purchased by the Fed. Conflicts of interests and moral issues

10 health entrepreneurs who benefited from the pandemic

Due to the onset of the pandemic, many people had to shut down their businesses and even lose a great deal of wealth. In contrast, a few others have seen

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Europe must jointly address the raw materials crisis

The added inflationary risk factor threatens to slow down the growth of EU economies, all of which are highly dependent on raw materials imports. One of

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Real estate markets to benefit from artificial intelligence

Real estate is following the financial market in adopting artificial intelligence (AI). While AI affects stocks and bonds, challenging individual and

Markets watch Fed ‘macro’ picture and Germany

Markets do not expect the US Federal Reserve’s Open Market Committee to announce any interest rate changes at its meeting on Wednesday. The German

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Mirabaud to respond to U.S. allegations on tax evasion

Mirabaud Group, an international banking and financial group based in Geneva, Switzerland, is in the crosshairs of a U.S. senator regarding what has been

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Bitcoin mining generates 30,700 tons of waste in a year

During May, the bitcoin mining industry, which enables the validation of transactions and the creation of the cryptocurrency, produced 30,700 tons of

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Oil Supply Weakened from Storm, Shares Decline

Oil supply weakened from storm, shares decline. After two hurricanes, but both benchmark agreements are on the right track to publish regular gains of

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Retail Sales Highs Are Helping Sustain USD’s Gains

Retail sales highs are helping sustain USD’s gains on Friday. Following a raft of strong U.S. information which are financial objectives of a

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Global Shares Are Falling Slightly On Chinese Data

Global shares are falling slightly on Chinese data on Thursday. This came as issues about assets in Asia and Wall Street outweighed good financial

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The FTC pays closer attention to big tech’s small M&A

As a result of a study begun during the Trump administration, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) found that Facebook (FB.O), Alphabet’s Google

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Philip Morris acquires majority stake in Vectura

Earlier this week, Philip Morris announced it had acquired nearly 75% of Vectura, a British manufacturer of medical inhalers, in a contested stock market

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USA: Surprise increase in retail sales in August

According to new data, USA retail sales rose unexpectedly in August. This is probably due to back-to-school purchases and child allowances paid to