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U.S. and Russia support the 4th inter-Korean summit


The United States and Russia have expressed support for the fourth inter-Korean summit. In his second statement in two days, the North Korean leader says he is willing to consider the dialogue if respect is ensured.

The fourth inter-Korean summit, which was established when North Korean Vice Minister Kim Yeo-jung responded to President Moon Jae-in’s declaration of the end of the Korean War in his speech to the UN General Assembly, was welcomed by neighbouring powers.

4th inter-korean summit to take place
South Korean President Moon Jae-in (L) and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un (R)

In conjunction with the inter-Korean summit, there is a good chance of a high-level meeting between North Korea and the United States for the first time under the Biden administration.

U.S. State Department spokesperson gave a similarly brief response to a written press request regarding Vice President Kim’s speech on the 25th (local time): “The United States supports inter-Korean dialogue, engagement, and cooperation.” At a press conference earlier in the day, US State Department spokesman Ned Price said, “The United States has no intention of being hostile to North Korea.”

The Russian government has also expressed support for the inter-Korean dialogue. According to Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov, who was visiting the United Nations General Assembly in New York, the North is sending signals that it wants normal relations with South Korea.

“The previous administration, which tried to control the entire process, did not always encourage inter-Korean dialogue,” Lavrov said. He urged the United States to take an active role.

The Chinese government should also participate actively in the 4th inter-Korean summit. A proposal by President Moon, at the UN General Assembly, for the decision to end the war, was supported by China, which pledged to play a role as a party to the armistice agreement.

As China is scheduled to host the Beijing Olympic Games in February, promoting the inter-Korean summit and ending the war could contribute to world peace.

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