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ZIM Shares Are Up More Than 60% At Close Today


After several years of unsuccessful attempts, ocean carrier ZIM finally went general public on Jan. 28, pricing an listing and IPO in the ny stock market (NYSE). In the beginning blush, its debut appeared to be an flop that is embarrassing. The IPO must be downsized. Shares instantly plunged. But just a couple of weeks later, ZIM (NYSE: ZIM) is riding high.

The IPO ended up being coming in at $15 per share, underneath the $16-$19 per share target range. Then it got worse: stocks collapsed most of the genuine option to $11.38 within hours of being detailed.

Since then, nonetheless, it is been all up. On, the stock shut at $18.69, 64% more than its post-IPO nadir. Within the last 11 trading sessions, its market capitalization (stocks times which can be outstanding price) increased $837 million — to $2.14 billion.

To place that valuation in perspective, only 1 U.S.-listed ocean that is pure company is larger: liner company Matson (NYSE: MATX) with market cap of $2.87 billion. ZIM’s valuation is well over the delivery names in third and destination that is 4th tanker majors Euronav (NYSE: EURN), with a market cap of $1.79 billion, and Frontline (NYSE: FRO), at $1.34 billion.

Swift recovery after post-IPO plunge

ZIM IPO’s timing was about striking when the iron is hot. Container rates are at historic highs. Liner businesses are the entities that are general public subjected to those prices. Yet there have been limited liner options for U.S. investors, producing the opportunity for ZIM.

Prior to the ZIM IPO, Matson had been the liner that is with listed common shares. And while Matson has exposure that is significant the booming trans-Pacific trade, it mainly runs within the Jones Act domestic trades serving Hawaii and Alaska. Maersk also has a existence within the U.S. market that is public but its common stocks are listed in Copenhagen; within the U.S., it trades over-the-counter via American Depositary Receipts (OTC: AMKBY).

J Mintzmyer, in their report on ZIM for Seeking Alpha’s Value Investor’s Edge, commented, “Their IPO had timing that is abysmal. It went general public literally during the top associated with the GameStop [NYSE: GME] panic.”

Given that ZIM has settled into regular trading, the attractive basics regarding the liner business are taking hold. Those fundamentals have actually propelled Matson’s stock and Maersk’s ADRs to gains of 129per cent and 114% correspondingly since June.


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